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Increasing Knowledge

The first step to eradicating slavery is letting people know it exists today. There are no limits to where this darkness can and will travel. We engage people through events, presentations, and educational programs.

The problem is real.

Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking, also known as Child Sex Trafficking, is the commercial sexual exploitation of children in the United States through prostitution, pornography, or sexual performance in exchange for something of value, like money, food, shelter, or drugs.

How does trafficking happen?

Vulnerable youth are targeted by traffickers and then exploited (sold for sex). Instability creates opportunities for traffickers and predators to reach out and bond with vulnerable children. These predators could be strangers, friends, teachers, or even family members who lure children with false promises of  protection, adventure, love, a home, opportunity, gifts, etc. They offer to provide whatever is missing in a child’s life, build trust and false love, then exploit them using force, fraud, or coercion.

Victims often are or have become dependent on the trafficker to provide for them – physically, financially, or even emotionally. Traffickers methodically strip away a victim’s self-esteem and assert total control – dictating how they walk and talk, when they sleep and eat, and what they wear – and  instill fear, shame, and self-blame to keep them from leaving. Ultimately, victims are left feeling hopeless, without worth or value.

Signs that could help identify minor victims:

What to do if you suspect trafficking:

If you suspect trafficking, DO NOT intervene!  You could cause more harm to the victim.  Record as many details as you can to aid in reporting.  
To report suspected trafficking, call the Tennessee Human Trafficking Hotline (1-855-558-6484).  Always refer to local law enforcement and the Tennessee Human Trafficking Hotline.  If the victim is a minor you can make an additional report to TN DCS (1-877-54-ABUSE) after you call the TN Human Trafficking Hotline.

Let's End It Together.

How can we stop it?

We fight to prevent exploitation and trafficking from ever happening.

Click below to learn more about how to identify and report domestic minor sex trafficking.

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