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Nestled between several magnificent oak trees, this 10-bedroom oasis of support and place of restoration will be a home where survivors will find healing, hope, and love. Garland Oaks will be a place where the girls will receive education, enrichment opportunities, counseling, and most of all a place to feel safe. Each room, its layout and decor have been uniquely designed to authentically provide a place where the girls will find comfort and restoration.  


Following a trauma-informed model, paramount to its design and layout is safety.  Additionally, transparency, support, collaboration, empowerment and choice were all considered in every aspect of the home to provide a pathway to recovery for each girl and to resist any re-traumatization. Healing natural light will pour through the home’s large windows in every room. The art therapy room, where the girls can express themselves through sewing, painting, crocheting or many other options, will gaze out over rolling hills. The large family kitchen will have lots of seating around a center island where the girls can gather to eat and talk or enjoy a cooking class.  Picturesque reading nooks will flank the sides of the cozy family den where the girls will have Bible studies, watch movies and enjoy some downtime. Their rooms all have special Hebrew names that will be a constant reminder of God’s love for them.

Kitchen Space

Our gourmet kitchen will be any chef’s dream kitchen! This warm and inviting place will be where all the girls can share meals together, laugh and make memories with each other during thoughtful, well-planned meal times. There is nothing more intimate than sharing a meal with loved ones and friends. Our intent with this space is to show the girls what true family time should look like. This large functional space will have a large eat-at island where all the residents can eat together. Two large sliding barn doors lead into a large family dining room where the girls may also choose to sit and eat. The kitchen is where they will also gather for one-on-one or group cooking classes as a part of their life-skills training.

While we will work closely with a nutritionist to oversee our meal planning ensuring balanced nutrition, our residents will have many items they can choose from for most breakfasts and lunches. Choice is a large part of recovery and restoration for these young ladies so we will provide many healthy snacks, breakfast and lunch items each day where they get to decide what they want to eat. Fridays or Saturdays may be days the Garland Oaks chef prepares a hot breakfast or brunch. The girls will also rotate times with our chef to help prepare meals. This will help teach them valuable life skills that many of them may have been robbed of in their early years. With the exception of one or two nights per week, every dinner will be a family-style dinner prepared by our resident chef with the assistance of one of the girls. Sunday nights will be movie and pizza night!

How You Can Help

One way you can support Garland Oaks with this space is to donate gift cards to your favorite pizza restaurants! We also want you to share your favorite family recipes with us or shop the Garland Oaks Shop to help provide needed items in our Kitchen and Dining Room.

How You Can Pray

Please pray for our future residents to know that Jesus is the bread of life; whoever comes to Him shall not hunger, and whoever believes in Him shall never thirst (John 6:35).

Share Your Favorite Family Recipe

Download our recipe card to share your family's favorite recipes to share with our residents, staff and nutritionists.

Help Us Stock Our Kitchen and Dining Space

From cooking supplies, to bar stools and dining room tables, you can help us furnish Garland Oaks in our shop.

Creative Space

Our creative space is where we feel she can express herself artistically and emotionally through access to every sort of art and craft. Being able to express and articulate her emotions in a creative way is one way in which she can find healing.

The creative space will be a room where the girls can learn any kind of craft she thinks she may be interested in. There will be time for structured learning and therapy through art, but there will also be time in her daily routine to go create, draw, write, paint or sing. There will be an abundance of supplies for her to pick and choose from to express herself.

We will have teachers to come in and show her skills she could not learn on her own. These girls have been deprived of so many things and many never allowed that freedom to explore and discover hobbies so we want to provide those opportunities for her.

How You Can Help

Please visit and shop our Garland Oaks Shop where you can donate toward specific supplies for our creative space as well as browse other rooms throughout the home.

How You Can Pray

Please pray each girl will know she is God’s masterpiece created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared in advance. (Ephesians 2:10)

Help Provide Supplies for Our Creative Space

We need materials for activities like sewing, painting, knitting and other arts and crafts. Helping each girl to find her gifts and talents is a priority at Garland Oaks. Once she finds what she enjoys doing and is good at, this will become a natural part of her self-care plan.


We are so excited to share with you the bedrooms at Garland Oaks! As we’ve shared before, it’s so important for these young ladies to know what it feels like to make choices for themselves. That’s why we’ve been extremely intentional with every detail of the design and layout of the girls’ bedrooms.

We’ve taken great care to provide a home where every space allows her to feel safe and especially where she will be her most vulnerable - where she sleeps. Each girl will have her own room and the room will be unique and special in its decor and furnishings. Every bedroom has a designated, beautiful Hebrew girl name. Hannah, God’s grace, Eliana, my God answered and Addi, created by God, are just a few of the room names. Every name is a reflection of God’s promises and love for us. Her room will be her sanctuary and while we may have chosen the furniture and a therapeutic paint color for her, she will make the room her own with every comforting and beautiful thing you can imagine in a young girl’s room. 

When she arrives at Garland Oaks, she will choose which bedroom she wants. Once chosen, she will then be able to choose all her accessories! We will have decorative throw pillows, lap blankets and stuffed animals she can choose from. She will choose her hairbrush, toothbrush, her journal, her Bible and her favorite color pens or pencils! She can choose if she wants a nightlight, an oil diffuser, a weighted blanket or sound machine. With your help, we hope to provide an environment in which she can find rest and feel safe. 

How You Can Help

Please visit and shop our Garland Oaks Shop where you can donate to or purchase specific furniture or decor pieces for each room.

How You Can Pray

Please pray for each girl to have an overwhelming sense of peace when she enters her bedroom for the first time and each night as she falls asleep. “I will both lie down in peace, and sleep, for You alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety.”   (Psalm 4:8)

Help Us Furnish the 10 Bedrooms

From lamps, bedding and pillows to bedroom furniture, you can be a part of creating a safe place of rest for each of the girls' carefully designed bedrooms.

Counseling Room

As we continue to feature each month one of the special rooms in Garland Oaks, we hope you are able to experience this beautiful project through our words. This month we want to share the counseling room. This room, like their bedrooms, will be a safe place where survivors will find healing and lots of love. Many of our residents will have encountered unspeakable trauma in their precious young lives and we want them to know, through therapy and counseling, that there is a God and He knows the plans he has for them and that they can have hope for healing and restoration. This room will be a place where our therapists will build trust, allow the girls to grieve, and where they will be comforted. The room will be appointed with many therapeutic items and it will be designed in such a way to allow for much privacy as well as provide ways for our residents to exhibit self reliance. While it can be emotionally exhausting to go through a therapy session, the girls’ counseling appointments will be intentionally scheduled so as not to interfere with their schooling or other enjoyable activities so they can have time to rest or do something they enjoy after each session. Because the identity of our residents must be kept private, the counseling room will have its own entrance into the house so our counselors may enter and exit there. Please join us in prayer believing that every girl will experience gentleness and godly nurturing and that we may show her what true love is so she may find healing and be restored to God’s design for her life.

How You Can Help

Please visit and shop our Garland Oaks Shop where you can donate to or purchase specific furniture or decor pieces for each room.

How You Can Pray

Please pray for each girl to find restoration and healing from her wounds (Psalm 147).

Help Us Fill the Counseling Room

In order to create a safe space for girls to heal and be counseled, we must furnish the room and other office spaces with items such as chairs, bookcases, filing cabinets and more.


This month we are excited to share what the Garland Oaks classroom will look like! In keeping with the trauma-informed model, this classroom setting will be equipped to support every girl’s unique learning style and ability. It won’t feel like a traditional classroom, but what they will do here will indeed help them to learn and grow.

This amazing room has large, farmhouse style windows, vaulted ceilings and big ceiling fans. The walls will be painted in warm, inviting colors and be donned with artwork displaying encouraging and inspiring messages. Because of the trauma these young ladies will have experienced in their life, we have taken great care to provide many sensory options for them to feel safe and comfortable allowing them to fully focus on their studies. They can listen to music, turn on an essential oil diffuser, sit with a weighted blanket or play with a fidget toy.

Each girl will have her own space to minimize distractions. Since our residents will be coming to us at different times and they will be different ages, our instructor will take great care to design a unique learning plan for each girl - one that will help her thrive, be successful and reach her full potential. The Garland Oaks teacher is certified and is a specialist in her field equipped to support our trauma informed model.

The girls daily schedule will allow them to receive some instruction while at their desks, but they will be able to sit on a comfy chair or bean bag to do their reading or experience hands-on science with experiments and other instruction happening in the creative space. Each day will have intentional flexibility built into the schedule with the intent to limit boredom, stress or fear. Our residents therapy sessions will take place during the school day in our therapy room, so their schedules will be modified to allow for rest and reflection after those sessions.

Thank you for always praying for guidance and direction from our heavenly Father as we continue to build and develop this unique home where these girls will receive education, enrichment, counseling and most of all love.

How You Can Help

Please visit and shop our Garland Oaks Shop where you can donate to or purchase specific furniture or decor for our classroom. Or if you are part of a small group or community group and would like to collect supplies for Garland Oaks, please send your name and contact information to [email protected].

How You Can Pray

Please pray for each girl to find encouragement in her education and may her love for knowledge and wisdom to grow. (1 Thessalonians 5:11)

Help Us Fill the Classroom

Each of the 10 girls living in Garland Oaks will need her own desk and space to learn. Additionally, our teacher will need her own space to stay organized. You can help us furnish this space by shopping in our Garland Oaks store!

Boutique: The Hive

As we explore Garland Oaks room-by-room each month, we are excited to introduce you to our in-house boutique, The Hive. This boutique is a special part of the Garland Oaks program, where the girls will earn tokens to spend how they wish every week in the boutique.

When each girl enters The Hive to shop, she will walk into an inspiring space with a beautiful chandelier and natural light pouring throughout the room.  This is a place where she can browse through all kinds of accessories and decorations that she is attracted. The boutique will include clothing, jewelry, makeup, art supplies, nail polish, home décor - to personalize her bedroom- books, journals, stationary and more.  This positive reinforcement rewards system will empower each girl to earn tokens to be able to shop for items of her choice so she can feel special, pampered and most of all loved. 

How You Can Help

There are two ways we can receive items for the boutique. One, our community of volunteers can donate new or gently-used items for the shop. And two, we are looking for Community Partners that can donate inventory from their business/boutique for the girls to be able to shop. If you are a business or a boutique owner and want to participate, please apply by clicking below.

How You Can Pray

Please pray for each girl as she explores new things that she loves. Pray that she will feel loved, special and pampered – but ultimately know that her value and worth come from The Lord and that he is enthralled by her beauty (Psalm 45:11). 

Help Us Stock the Boutique

In order to create a lovely space for girls to be empowered to shop, purchase things of their choice and explore new hobbies, we must have inventory on hand. Will your business partner with us to help fill The Hive?


Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body. We are so excited to share the details of our library with you this month! We have so enjoyed sharing one of our special rooms at Garland Oaks with you each month and we hope you are able to experience this beautiful project through our words.

As with any traditional library, this room is intended to be a quiet space -- a place for reading, journaling and reflection. Occasionally it may be used for one-on-one tutoring. The girls also may meet here to have Bible study or conduct research for a school assignment. As with many other rooms in the home, this room will have large windows bringing in lots of natural light. There will be a water feature and an option to diffuse essential oils that heighten your senses and help with focusing. The shelves will be filled with lots of classic literature and wholesome fiction books for the girls to choose from. As we’ve mentioned before, the girls will have many optional extra curricular activities to choose from, one of which is a book club. We invite you to help us complete our library. You can do that by visiting our Amazon wish list. We would also love your book recommendations! Look for a post on Instagram soon where you can comment with your favorites! Thank you for always praying for guidance and direction from our heavenly Father as we continue to build and develop this unique home where these girls will have freedom to express their God-given talents, receive a well-rounded education, nourishing foods, plenty of exercise and most of all love.

How You Can Help

Please shop our Garland Oaks store where you can donate to or purchase specific furniture or decor for our library. Or you can shop our Amazon Library list to fill our library with books!

How You Can Pray

Please pray for each girl as she discovers the hope and encouragement that can come from reading God’s word. “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” (Psalm 119:105)

Help Us Fill the Library

Our hope is to have our library shelves full of intriguing, wholesome and encouraging books for each girl to choose from. We want to engage each girl and help her discover more about herself and find strength through reading. Will you help us fill our bookshelves?


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