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Garland Oaks Abide Shop

For the girls who call Garland Oaks home, their pasts are full of missed opportunities. Many of their memories are marked by pain rather than celebration or joy. 

That’s why our approach to healing is holistic – we know healing happens in the most natural places. Around the dinner table, sitting on the patio, sinking into the comfort of the chair in her therapist’s office, field trips to special places she’s never been before. Each moment creates a memory that shapes the restoration she aches for.

By providing for these moments, you’re reminding her she’s worth it. She’s worth the work, the sacrifice, the prayer and the love. She’s worthy of hope.

Your gifts ensure that we continue opening our doors to all residents and families for free.

We’ll continue updating this page often, offering new opportunities to be a part of all God is doing at Garland Oaks.

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