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Thank You!

Because of you, we’re able to continue protecting children from trafficking and walk those already carrying the scars toward restoration.

We’re so grateful for you.

Read more about the stories of restoration taking place at Garland Oaks, a program of Street Hope TN. 

When she arrives...

Each resident comes from a different background, carrying in different wounds and scars. But part of these girls moving into Garland Oaks is teaching them they are not their past. When we introduce a resident to staff, we lead with her heart, what she loves, her favorite foods, places she loves to shop. Immediately, we want her to understand – You are a person before you’re a diagnosis. You are not what’s happened to you. The difference between here and anywhere else these girls have been? Hope lives here.

When she falls asleep...

As the lamps click on and the covers are pulled back, Garland Oaks staff finish the day highlighting to each girl how they reflected strong character traits that day. For much of her life, she was told what she gets wrong, how she failed. But, in this moment, each night in our home, we share what we see in her, what we know is true about her and why she belongs at Garland Oaks. These quiet moments, right before bed, are so every girl can fall asleep knowing they’re wanted and valued – no matter what.

When she's at equine...

Every other week, the girls of Garland Oaks load into the van and go to an Equine Therapy session. These hours spent connecting with such big animals allow the girls to experience comfort in a new way while also providing an avenue to confront what’s going on inside of them. On arrival, the girls pick the size of their horse based on the size of the burden they feel like they’re carrying that day. As the horses gently approach them, the girls feel chosen – they realize there is something inside of them worth getting to know.

When she's at school...

Most of the girls who sit down at our school desks have mixed feelings about schoolwork. They’re unsure of their abilities and lack confidence, but over time they steadily learn what they’re good at. Now, they get excited about the possibilities that could come from simply trying in an environment designed for them to thrive. They’re learning they’re smart – even if they’ve never been told. They’re learning they can do – they can be – more than they ever imagined.

When she plays...

Sat atop a steep hill, few residents or staff venture down the driveaway of Garland Oaks on afternoon walks. One sunny afternoon, a resident decided she wanted to walk all the way down the driveway and back up. Each step carried the resident and staff person further down, and as they turned around, the resident wasn’t sure she could make it back up. The size of the hill scared her. She was asked to pick up five stones, and as she did, she was told the story of David and Goliath. “We’re going to do this scared,” our staff person said, “just like David.” As they reached the top, our resident was proud, knowing she could do something in spite of her doubts. The five stones are now stacked at the top of the hill - stones of remembrance. Small reminders that we can do things scared, because God is with us, moving in us. Those stones may literally stay at Garland Oaks, but they’re figuratively lodged in the heart of our resident – the beginning of a foundation of hope that will carry her on her most scared days.

When she has art therapy...

As the girls enter the art room, they’re taught to say and believe one thing: “I am messy and marvelous.” What they learn in this space is that those two things go together. As they process their past and find freedom in their future by creating whatever they’re drawn to – they slowly discover a roadmap to redemption. Brokenness is nothing to be ashamed of because it’s capable of being woven back together. There’s relief in knowing they can be messy – and it’s still going to be celebrated.


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