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She’s never had a real summer.

Not the kind most children grow up with.

Until now.

Garland Oaks has been given the generous opportunity to take part in a matching grant for up to $10,000. That means every single dollar you give is doubled!

Your donations, paired with this grant, will give the residents of Garland Oaks the summer of childhood dreams. Hopefully, beyond her dreams.

Camps, special outings and days that stretch beyond when the lightning bugs come out – this is the summer every child deserves.

This is how we restore her childhood. One summer at a time.

What you give today will be matched – will you be a part of restoring her childhood?

Because of You, We Met Our Goal!

$10,000                                          $10,000



Keep Up With Her Summer

Do you remember what it’s like? Waiting for the sun to go down, grabbing straight, long sticks that will be perfect for the marshmallow you plan to burn so it has just the right crunch when placed between the bar of chocolate and graham cracker.

What may be a core memory for you is just a dream for her.

The girls of Garland Oaks haven’t been given the chance to snuggle up in front of a bonfire, s’more in hand, as they laugh with their friends over their favorite stories to tell.

But, this summer, we’re taking her dream and making it a memory she’ll look back on over and over.

With your help, we’ll build the fire, construct the s’mores and sit by her side as she looks ahead at all that could be.

This is her summer. This is the summer we’ll restore her childhood.

A generous matching grant means that every dollar you give toward Reimagining Summer will be doubled!

These gifts will help build experiences and moments that give handles to her journey toward healing.

One of the core threads woven in most of our childhood summers is a camp experience. We want to give that same experience to our girls at Garland Oaks through offering Sports Camp this week!

We’ll introduce residents to a variety of sports, teaching them basic skills and rules of the games. While many of us grew up playing sports, many of these girls have never stepped foot on a field or court.

They’ll try their hands at basketball, golf, soccer, volleyball and pickleball while also getting the opportunity to tour local athletic facilities.

Your gifts are giving her a summer she never imagined having. A summer full of moments to simply be what she’s not had the opportunity to be: A kid.


Remember waiting for the sun to go down, sitting on the front porch with your eyes scanning the yard. Eventually, as dusk settled in, you saw a faint flicker of light. And then another. And another.

The darkness was suddenly lit up with the flashing bulbs of fireflies, dipping just out of your reach as you tried to cup your hands around them.

This most basic, simple moment might seem common to you – but it’s a brand new experience for her.

This summer, we’ll give the girls of Garland Oaks an empty jar and a nudge into the yard as lightning bugs fill our summer nights. She’ll end the night knowing what it feels like to run through the quiet night, chasing lightning bugs.

These are the moments that happen when she feels safe, when she knows someone’s always looking out for her, providing her with the space to just be a child again.

You are how these moments happen.

Is it really summer if kids haven’t raced the heat to finish a popsicle before it forms rivers down their arms?

Sticky hands, but happy hearts – that’s what marks most of our summer memories.

But not hers. We’re changing that this summer.

During our Matching Grant: Reimagining Summer, every dollar is doubled as we give her the summer she’s never had before.

Did you know music has been proven to play a powerful role in the healing process for those who have experienced trauma?

We’re taking that insight and combining it with a favorite summer activity: CAMP!

We’re launching our summer Music Camp as a part of our Summer Reimagined Campaign, giving her the summer every child deserves.

We’ll introduce her to tons of new instruments, offer vocal lessons, explore song writing + get technical by trying out running a sound board and production!

Your gifts are giving her an opportunity to explore new interests and skills as she learns who she is and what God has designed her to do.

This Fourth of July, you’re giving her the freedom to be a child.

For many, this will be the first time she experiences a live concert from a local band, a cookout, swimming and a night including an ice cream bar during a firework display!

We’re confident, because of you, she’ll never forget these moments of laughter, joy and wonder as she celebrates what freedom really feels like.

Continue restoring her childhood with us as we are Reimagining Summer for her!

Small acts create big memories.

An afternoon with chalk in hand, creating just because she can. Because she’s given the space and the invitation to take the time to do what _she_likes to do, what brings her joy.

By reimagining summer with us, you’re giving the residents of Garland Oaks an opportunity to create childhood memories they’ve missed out on. Memories every child deserves.

Your gift – right now – is automatically doubled during our Summer Reimagined. Don’t miss this chance to restore her childhood.

Be a Part of Restoring Her Childhood


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